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Murderers on Campus? Meet Mike Rizzo & Company

Gay Bashers for Multiple Killings Surface on the Web

Macho Belt Buckle Will Snap if Gays are Tolerated, They Fear

By Jack Nichols & Walter Bell

marietta.gif - 34.39 K The peaceful image Marietta College espouses on its Web site. Marietta College, Ohio—The Unofficial Gay Basher's Home Page and the Hetero Sexual Alliance are the "brain" children of a small group of wanna-be-machos, males who apparently reside at Marietta College, an Ohio school more passe than Mary Hartman!, Mary Hartman! , Fernwood Tonight, and WKRP Cinncinatti.

These newly-surfaced gay bashing sites "offer support to all the gay bashers in the United States and around the world." Their creator/s say they are also dedicated to "promoting the sport of Gay Bashing," and to "fighting for the rights of all gay bashers."

"People don't realize," writes bashing expert, Mike Rizzo, "that we were born with the urge to excuse homosexuals from our society… most people will think this is one of the funniest things they have ever read."

gaybash1.gif - 35.29 K But this is the uglier face of Marietta College today.

Rizzo admits he is single, but is looking for a woman capable of appreciating him in all of his gay-bashing glory.

Basher Rizzo's personal value system may or may not reflect what he learns at Marietta College. His principal fear, it appears, is that some unscrupulous penis will find his posterior too irresistibly attractive at a time when he lacks the proper lubrication. He confesses:

"The only reason I would be afraid to commit a crime is that I might get caught, and if I did get caught I might have to go to jail. Once in jail I might be taking a shower and accidentally drop the soap. That is the only thing keeping me from being a criminal."

Rizzo, small-boned, gets his much-needed empowerment by carrying about a baseball bat, a Freudian penis symbol. This, no doubt helps him to compensate for what he believes are the drawbacks of his atypical size.

gaybash2.gif - 48.59 K More hate from Marrietta's students.

One day as a teenager, his friends invited him to go along with them for "a good round of beating queers." From the moment that Rizzo hit his first "homerun:" he knew he had found his sport. Rizzo quickly achieved all-star status, he exults, "hitting a perfect 1.000 with 18 homeruns in his first year."

A "homerun" in Rizzo's parlance is a term coined for saying "no" to the ever-present thoughts he harbors about responding to the loving caresses of other males.

His gay basher's tirades, he fervently hopes, will piss off "all the gays and gay-backers in the world," and his ultimate goal is "to get the word out on the streets that gays are not cool and all gays will be excused from society when he and his crew find them."

Seasoned observers reflect that Mike Rizzo is using his web site, in fact, in a bizarre attempt to convince himself that gays are "not cool" and to police his own mysterious sexual obsession.

Rizzo, who says he is 5'5" and weighs only 125 lbs., seems unfamiliar with the adage "It takes one to know one." He would like to set up a school, he says, "to train the straight people of society to spot gay people and excuse them in the quickest way possible.". His buddies, sympathetic to his cause, and linking sites with him, are, apparently of larger stature. One Doug Wickert, another Marietta student, lists both Rizzo and the Hetero Sexual Alliance on his home page.

gaybash3.gif - 38.88 K Doug Wickert's shameless, hate-filled site

Rizzo confides: "I think all gay people should be beaten to death. You see I believe in a good old fashioned thing called deterrence. I think that if that one lesbian on TV was publicly killed then there would be less gay people around. I know this because I am good with math and know a bunch minus one equals one less. Now I also know that if it was publicly made known that it is not cool to be gay and that being gay would get you killed, than there would be fewer queer(s) running around this planet"

In case his readers are, in fact, liberal heterosexuals, Rizzo issues this warning: "a gay sympathizer is just as bad as a gay."

If he was once an abject failure in conventional sports arenas Rizzo boasts, nevertheless, that "Gay bashing is the favorite sport of my friends and me, it is a very good time. We do this as public servants that are just trying to rid our country of homosexuals. Since we feel that more people should be involved in this sport, we created this page to assist all you aspiring gay bashers."

He writes that to " participate in this sport we recommend you do it after dark and that you do it in a private place. The most important aspect of this sport is the 'victim' or Queer as we call it. There must be hard evidence that the queer is actually a homosexual. This means having pictures or videotape footage of the queers in action. The evidence is usually left with a calling card by the lifeless queer, so that society will understand why the queer was excused from society"

"There are two methods," explains Rizzo, "Shooting, or Beating. Shooting is a very easy way to win the game. This is the style used by those of us who are not as strong or who are not as skilled with a baseball bat. The biggest drawback to this method is the loud noise caused by most guns. This noise has been known to alert people to the fact that a crime might have been committed, when no crime has been committed. To solve this minor problem we recommend you get a silencer for your gun.

"The beating method is allot (sic) more fun but it takes a few more minutes to win the game this way. The important thing to remember when playing this version of the game is to have enough "batters" to "hit a home run" and win the game of any sort with them. They actually use their feet, hands, and knowledge of the martial arts.

"Anyone who has ever bashed a queer must admit this is the purest form of the game. The most important thing to remember if you ever decide to play this version it that you must overpower your opponent with your own brute force."

"Loosing (sic) the game is not an option for any true gay basher. Last of all we will cover what equipment is necessary for playing the game. A good pair of boots- good for stomping queers. Baseball bats or pipes- for beating the queer about the neck, chest and head. Gun- A silenced weapon is important for beginners to ensure they win their game."

gaybash4.gif - 20.71 K These idiot homophobes idea of fun is associating with Huns and nuking houses

Mr. Rizzo is what comedian Lily Tomlin calls a "rubber freak." He recommends wearing a "Rubber suit, Rubber gloves, shower cap or helmet….Be sure to promptly wash any juices from the lifeless queer off your rubber suit. This will ensure that you won't get AIDS. Also in parting be sure to leave the evidence near the lifeless queer along with the words "A QUEER WAS BASHED HERE." This will ensure that the final score is counted. Well that should be everything you need to know to successfully play and win at the game of gay bashing.

"My favorite thing about gay bashing is that it is somewhat easy to keep my batting average up. It also requires less power from my skinny arms to "hit a home run." Well it if you think all of this was lame I just want to say all the excuses for a gay lifestyle are blatantly lame and I don't buy a one. If you have a "good" and "legitimate" excuse for living a gay lifestyle e-mail me and let me know so I can add it to this section and show why it is just a bunch of B.S."

The founding father of Marietta College's Hetero Sexual Alliance operates under the name Jay Gerber. The Alliance has been formed, according to its site, "to bring respectability back to being straight."

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