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Virginia: Bombs Explode at
Home of 2 Gay Men

Anti-Gay Hate Literature
Left at the Screen Door

2nd Murder in a Week
Near Greenwich Village Gay Bar

By Jack Nichols

Fairfax County, Virginia police have confirmed that two explosive devices were detonated last week in front of a Mt. Vernon-area home shared by two gay-identified males. The men reside in the 1500 block of Paul Springs Parkway. Anti-gay literature was left inside their screen door.

The explosives went off at 12:15 a.m. on Friday, August 14. The Fairfax Alliance for Citizen Equality called the bombing "cowardly" and called on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to amend the county's human rights ordinance to bar discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Police say they have no suspects.

top821.gif - 53.53 KIn New York City's Greenwich Village, Fitzroy Green, 36, became the second stabbing victim in less than a week within the vicinity of a well-known gay bar, Two Potato. Green was found August 18 at 3:30 p.m., surrounded by a pool of his own blood in a ground-floor apartment at 714 Greenwich Street.

Police spokesmen said officers were dispatched to Green's apartment after a neighbor was unable to contact him. Looking through security bars on the front window they saw only his feet, they said, protruding next to his bed.

Green had been stabbed in the back, the stomach, and the chest. He'd last been seen Monday evening leaving Two Potato, a Christopher Street gay bar two blocks from his apartment. In the Greenwich Village vicinity, at Christopher and Bleeker, the owner of a Village novelty shop had also been killed in an apparent robbery.

Police said they had neither a suspect nor a motive in Green's murder. They have impounded his car and examined his trash cans in a search for clues.

According to a police spokesperson, there was no sign of forced entry, nor did it seem Green's apartment had been subjected to a hurried search for valuables.

A friend described Green as city savvy, and says his attackers must have moved with unusual speed to overcome him. Green was also described as having been "generous" when in the presence of need.

The friend, Salaudin Muhammad, also described Green as a person able to defend himself, and not one to linger unprepared in the face of any robbery or deception.

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