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Male Couple Murdered at Home in Irvine, California

Victims: Guy Thomas Whitney & Lawrence Wong

Services Held for Kindly Voice & Piano Instructors

By Jack Nichols

califhatecrime.gif - 6.25 K Irvine, California—Blood was spattered on walls and ceilings of the Solana condo here where Guy Thomas Whitney, 60 and Lawrence Wong, 51,a male couple, were discovered brutally stabbed to death in the last days of July.

According to investigators, the murderer or murderers covered his or her deed by arranging details to make it appear there'd been a murder-suicide.

Memorial services for the slain men were held in Los Angeles Saturday. Piano and voice students taught by both men, recalled their musical skills as well as their genuine kindness and gentleness. They were also, said some, "impeccable dressers".

Whitney, a piano teacher, had recently moved in with Wong, a classical pianist who also taught music. Wong, according to academic associates, was an accomplished musician who accompanied well-known opera singers like Leona Mitchell and Robert Merrill.

The two men, drawn together by their love of music, were planning to share, say friends, a life-long intimacy at the time of their deaths.

The father of a young girl who'd arrived for a music lesson discovered their bodies.

Although reports indicate that the men were attacked in bed and that a violent struggle took place, Wong's body, nevertheless, was found near the bed while Whitney's fell at the bottom of the stairway, nearer their condo's entranceway.

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Rumors speedily circulated in Irvine with friends confiding that the two lovers had recently been stalked by a jealous former lover of Whitney's. Police are currently questioning two men in connection with the killings.

Donations may be made in lieu of flowers, to scholarship funds for the Los Angeles Harbor College, where Wong taught. Or, perhaps, doners may help support the Orange County Federation of Lesbian, Gay and AIDS Support Organizations to which he belonged.

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