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Private Winchell Memorialized in the Battle for Equality

Nashville's Rights Groups Hold Vigil for Murdered Soldier

2nd Soldier Charged in Slaying as Gay Revelations Surface

Compiled By GayToday

privatewinchell.jpg - 6.88 K Pfc. Barry Winchell Nashville, Tennessee—A memorial service for Pfc Barry Winchell was held Wednesday evening at Centennial Park Bandshell. Winchell, a soldier at Fort Campbell, died on July 6 of injuries that he suffered during an attack in the barracks at Fort Campbell

Local news about the killing has turned the city of Nashville's head. 21-year old Private Winchell's first same-sex relationship had been entered into just prior to his murder and an e-mail forwarded about female impersonator Calpurnia Adams describes TV news coverage and confirms regional newspaper accounts:

...Did you both happen see Calpurnia Adams on tonight's 6 o'clock news on Channel 5? As per the news cast and her interview on news Channel 5, she was seeing the young soldier who was beaten to death up at Ft. Campbell!

Poor Calpurnia, she looked so sad, and the news mentioned that she was an entertainer (female impersonator) at "The Connection."

The other soldiers found out about his relationship with Calpurnia and apparently began harassing him, which led to his beating subsequent death.

The news cast also mentioned that this was the first relationship of this kind for the xyoung soldier.

A second soldier, Specialist Justin R. Fisher, 25, has been charged as a principal to premeditated murder by encouraging Pfc. Calvin N. Glover to strike Winchell; acting as an accessory after the fact; making false statements and obstructing the investigation.

Glover, 18, had previously been charged with pre-meditated murder in the case.

Calpurnia Adams said Barry Winchell had been concerned about fellow soldiers finding out but hadn't seemed afraid.

The Lesbian & Gay Coalition for Justice issued a call on all people in the Nashville area to join in memorializing Private Winchell, a casualty in the battle for equality.

"We especially encourage the participation of veterans and soldiers," said their release.

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Organizations also sponsoring the 7 p.m. vigil included The Lesbian & Gay Coalition for Justice, The Center for LGBT Community Services, The Stonewall Mission Church, The Metropolitan Community Church, The Human Rights Campaign, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.
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