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Tuesday, 01 July 1997


International Christian Group Gives Biennial Notice of Human Rights
Public Invited To Sydney, Australia for Conference, July 20-25

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Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) has been named the recipient of the 1997 Human Rights Award presented by the gay-friendly Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC). The announcement was made this week by the Reverend Troy D. Perry, UFMCC's founder and moderator. (See GayToday Archives, World features, April 24.)

The award will be presented to the international organization on July 20 in Sydney, Australia during opening ceremonies for UFMCC's General Conference XVIII. UFMCC's Human Rights Award is presented biennially to organizations and individuals who have furthered the cause of social and political justice.

Previous recipients of UFMCC's Human Rights Award include Amnesty International and the International Lesbian and Gay Association.

Nancy McDonald, president of the board of directors of PFLAG, will accept the award in Sydney, Australia. A mother and grandmother, McDonald is a long-time community activist and educator who envisions "a time in which all children are treated equally, and all people can respect each other's differences."

UFMCC will also present an award to salute the pioneering work of PFLAG Australia. Heather Horntvedt, vice president of PFLAG Australia, will accept the award on behalf of the Australian organization. Horntvedt was instrumental in lobbying the West Australian Parliament to enact gay-rights provisions into its laws.

"We recognize the invaluable contributions of PFLAG in strengthening the cause of human rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, said the Rev. Troy D. Perry, UFMCC moderator. "We are pleased to salute PFLAG's ongoing, three-fold commitment to support families, educate the public and advocate on behalf of equal rights."

"PFLAG has combined the work of social justice with a spirit of love and compassion that is helping to transform our world one family at a time," Perry added.

This year's UFMCC General Conference XVIII will feature a public rally at Sydney's historic town hall, keynote addresses by internationally recognized human rights activists and theologians, business and planning sessions, and an extensive list of social and sightseeing options.

Workshops and seminars will explore gay sexuality, spirituality, activism, gay parenting, outreach to the g/l/b/t/ communities, addressing the faith concerns of the gay community, AIDS ministry in a new era, and the use of technology on behalf of gay spirituality.

The international theme of UFMCC's General Conference XVIII is taken from the words of Christ, "You are the light of the world." Extensive information on this year's conference is available through UFMCC's website at

UFMCC was founded the Rev. Troy D. Perry, who serves as moderator of the fast-growing denomination. A frequent international speaker at churches,universities, and conferences, Perry has appeared on 60 Minutes, Phil Donahue, Tomorrow with Tom Snyder, and The Mike Douglas Show. UFMCC's story has appeared in virtually every international news magazine. Perry is the recipient of awards from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Human Rights Campaign, and the Gay Press Association.

UFMCC is composed of more than 300 local congregations in 19 countries. With a combined budget in excess of $10 million, the UFMCC churches comprise the largest predominantly gay organization in the world.

Additional information on UFMCC's General Conference XVIII is available by writing UFMCC, 8704 Santa Monica Boulevard, Second Floor, West Hollywood, CA 90069, by phoning (310) 360-8640, by e-mail at, and at the denomination's website at

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