Oral Majority’s Pro-Sex Agenda Gets Wide Notice 
Veteran Activist Bob Kunst in Great Britain and Key West 
Boycotts Gather Steam— Kunst to be Present at Disney World 
Compiled by Badpuppy’s GayToday
From Oral Majority Reports
Oral Majority's President, Bob Kunst, says he feels as if he’s taking on the world what with boycotting the Cayman Islands and the State of Maine while demanding an end to such Sexual Witchhunts as are affecting President Clinton.

Kunst is also promoting his organization’s Declaration of Gay, Bisexual and Heterosexual Rights, in a Florida bid to make such rights a part of the constitutional amendment on that state’s November ballot. Such an amendment, he says, could possibly set a tone for Federal Legislation.

“If a full plate of activism is in order,” Kunst told GayToday, “the Oral Majority is delivering.” Kunst recently protested at the "G-8" Summit of World leaders in Birmingham, England where he was interviewed by the BBC.  In England he collected 800 signatures toward his organization’s Cayman Islands boycott.  His crusade will continue on July 4 when he takes part in London’s Gay Pride festivities where 100,000 are expected to attend.

Addressing Prime Minister Tony Blair, the veteran gay activist informed the British government that the U.S./U.K. Gay and lesbian communities were united in their determination to boycott the former British colonies and protectorates that are using anti-gay witch hunting to divert attention from their own failed social and financial policies. He also encouraged Blair to overturn 'Clause 28',  holdover anti-gay legislation from Britain’s Thatcher era. The repeal of this Clause, he says, will be the theme of this year’s British gay pride celebration.

The Oral Majority President also asked Blair to take the Cayman Islands case to the Court of Human Rights in the Hague and he addressed the European Commission's High Court on Human Rights suggesting an  International boycott of trade, foreign aid and any non-emergency commerce until the Caymans anti-gay issues are resolved in support of everyone's human rights.

Kunst has even talked with Labor Unions asking that they not load ships going to the Caymans.

With 9000 signatures collected on petitions from only a few cities, the Oral Majority has drawn considerable attention to its cause, encouraging reactions against and resistance to the politics of bigotry.  A major push in this direction will take place on the weekend of June 5, 6, 7, 1998 at Orlando’s Disney World and in Key West.

After addressing Lambda Democrats in Key West,  Key West Pride has invited Kunst to be its keynote speaker June 7 at a citywide rally that is scheduled for 5 P.M. on Duval St., by the Bourbon Pub. The Mayor of Key West will be a participant at the rally. 

“June 7 marks the 21st Anniversary of the repeal of ‘Gay Rights' by Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell in Dade County” recalls Kunst, “which was the turning point in the struggle and which Key West  'remembers'.”

A Key West-sponsored "Pride Ride" composed of two vans and 24 people will leave Key West at 8 A.M. on June 5, from The Atlantic Shores. Pride Riders will then arrive 4 hours later for an “official kickoff”, destined, according to the Oral Majority, to be a media event at the world-famous "News Cafe", 800 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach (from Noon to 1 P.M.). 

The News Café is best known as a spot where the beloved late designer-giant  GianniVersace was a daily customer. There, the Pride Riders will be wined and dined, as they wend their way to GayDays at Disney World, where over a 100,000 are expected to attend.

On the following day, June 6, at 10 A.M., Oral Majority members will demonstrate at the intersection of 192 and 535 in Orlando, with the media present to record the antics of hordes of anti-gay fundamentalist protesters who have promised to be present.

“Meanwhile,” Kunst exults, “ we will be collecting many signatures in and around Orlando. We’ll alert the world about our Agenda and make known the need to give it support.

On June 7 Oral Majority members will return to Key West to kickoff Gay Pride festivities there. “We are expecting a great deal of media attention in pushing this outreach to organize and galvanize within, and extend our impact to the State of Florida, to the nation and to the world, just like we impacted 21 years ago when we confronted Anita. We're back, I tell you, for Round II “.

“If ‘Deep Throat’ Saved America from Richard Nixon ,” laughs a serious Kunst, “well.. Oral Majority is doing it again to Save America by Stopping this Sexual Witchhunt now.”  Kunst says he’s convinced that the majority of Americans are tired of politically-motivated sexual diversions.  

“Real political issues are being ignored, and this view is held by two thirds of the public who could care less about President Clinton's sexual trysts.” says Kunst.  “The Oral Majority,” he assured GayToday, “counts on this same public’s votes and support and through our boycotts and public demonstrations and rallies against  these stupid sex witch hunts we know we’re galvanizing the public’s voting patterns bigtime. America has finally grown tired of bedroom  peep hole politics.”

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