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The Tom Cruise Controversy: Kyle Bradford Speaks Out

Gay Adult Video Model Says: 'I Never Talked to Acustar'

This First Exclusive Interview was Granted to Rad Video

Interview by Ethan Clarke
Courtesy of Rad Video
Kyle Bradford Model Photos: Badpuppy

San Diego, California – In what has become a fiery storm of controversy that has left many in both the porn and mainstream media wondering, “Is it, or isn't it true?” gay adult video model, Kyle Bradford has decided to come forward briefly, speaking exclusively to reporter Ethan Clarke about the rumors he supposedly started about the sexuality of superstar Tom Cruise.

Bradford's objective in speaking out, he says, is to squelch all rumors that he's a media-hungry rumor monger, and to clear the air about his alleged involvement with Cruise.

The rumor, allegedly began in the French magazine, Actustar. According to that magazine, Bradford approached its writing staff with the story that he'd once been a private sparring partner with Cruise and that the relationship had developed into one of intimacy; intimate to the point that the relationship was the catalyst for the breakup of the Tom Cruise / Nicole Kidman marriage.

Besieged by the international press, and feeling the pressure of a possible $100-million lawsuit from the Cruise camp, Bradford felt he had no choice but to take cover and refuse all interview requests while waiting for the controversy to die down.

Bradford did, however, agree to grant this one interview, until further notice. From whereabouts unknown, he spoke by phone to Ethan Clarke, a well-known writer in the adult entertainment industry. Clarke, in turn, gave this interview, with Bradford's permission, exclusively to RAD Video, Inc. which led to its being made available to Badpuppy's GayToday.
Kyle Bradford Speaks Out

Interview by Ethan Clarke

kbradford3.jpg - 73.17 K Gay Adult Video Model Kyle Bradford made national headlines this week. Mainstream actor Tom Cruise filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against him. The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that Kyle Bradford (Chad Slater) spread stories about an alleged relationship with Cruise, which contributed to the break-up of the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman marriage. Kyle appeared in Michael Zen's, "The Cockpit Club," for Tribal Pulse, Studio 2000's, "The Size of It" and "Echoes," from Men of Odyssey. He did wrestling videos (some containing sexual scenes) for other companies as well as his own solo video. The Kyle Bradford We site has been online for several years. In this exclusive interview Kyle Bradford tells his side of the story.

Ethan: How did you end up in the headlines?

Kyle: I have no idea. This whole thing is ridiculous. A French magazine, Actustar claims that I sat down with them and gave them this whole story. It's totally untrue, I've never been to France and my passport proves it. A Spanish magazine reprinted the story and it's all untrue. I have no idea how this magazine could say I was there talking about to them this. Actustar Magazine has since retracted the story. My lawyer put out a statement saying it's untrue and we don't know how or why this rumor was started but now I'm damaged being thrust in the middle of international headlines. Now my family knows I have a porn career and, up to this point, they had no idea about it.

Ethan: About a month ago there were a few blurbs in some New York papers and magazines regarding this rumor but people didn't pay much attention.

Kyle: I've been deluged with e-mails from columnists asking me about it but I just said flatly, "No, no comment - not true, goodbye." I keep telling people, "No, it's not true," but they, for some reason, want to believe the rumor is true. I have no idea why they chose me (laughs) to be the one to do this with but it's ridiculous! I talked to one reporter (at L.A. Headlines) on the phone a few minutes ago and simply told him it never happened, it's not true and I find the whole thing laughable. You are the only person I'm speaking to at length. I'm hurt by this scandal now and I've got to go out of town for a while until all this stuff blows over. But he (Cruise) is ridiculous for suing me for $100 million. I don't know him and I've never met him or spoken to him. Somebody (I don't know who) is making it all up. It's so unreal.

Ethan: Actually, it's frightening. Well, if you ever want to do another movie people will know who you are.

Kyle: I stopped making those movies some time ago.

Ethan: No, I mean a mainstream movie. You're a very good actor.

Kyle: Thank you, but I'm really not interested in pursuing a mainstream career and I'm no longer interested in doing porn videos. It's funny, I was getting ready to do a live feed on my Web site when the news broke. I immediately cancelled the live cam feed and pulled down my Web site.

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Ethan: They ran a video clip from, "Cockpit Club," last night - a scene behind the bar between you and Mike Haboush.

Kyle: (Screams) Oh, my God! Poor Mike Haboush. He must be having a heart attack--Michael Zen, too. It's so absurd. At first I was shocked; I couldn't believe it. Then it hit me how laughable it is because it's not true. My lawyer is considering suing Actustar Magazine for defamation of character resulting from printing a story that has no basis in fact. Acustar Magazine did retract the story. They must realize they've done something wrong; they have nothing from me. I've never even been to France.

Ethan: How are you feeling? Are you doing OK?

Kyle: I'm okay. I'm not worried. If there was even a speck of truth to this I'd be concerned. If they haul me into court I'll simply tell them it's untrue. My lawyer said that when we are served with the papers (which we haven't been), he will simply sign a statement saying that none of this is true, it's all laughable and whoever started the rumor is just crazy. I am flabbergasted that the Cruise attorneys never contacted me to ask if I'd said any of this in the first place.

Ethan: How will you fend off all the unwanted publicity?

Kyle: If this happened to someone else they'd be holding a news conference and counter-suing for $100 million. But you know what--I see his (Cruise's) side of the story. He's tired of people writing fabricated stories about him and, you know, as long as people know there is no truth in this rumor and it didn't happen, then I'm okay. It did hurt my relationship with my family. I haven't heard from them and that says a lot.

Ethan: Maybe they haven't seen it.

Kyle: Oh, trust me everyone's heard it. I got calls from friends in England and other places in the world - everybody's seen it. On Tuesday it will probably be all over the National Enquirer. I don't understand it. These people from Actustar Magazine are leaving themselves wide open for a massive lawsuit--it can be so easily be proven that I never met with them and have never been to France.

Ethan: Do you think one of your friends or someone you know started this rumor? Why would someone deliberately try to destroy someone's career?

Kyle: I can't imagine why anyone would. All I know is that the tabloids have been trying to "out" this man (Cruise) for a long time. Why they chose me, I haven't got any idea. I would have much preferred they picked someone else. Why me? It won't destroy my career but it is destroying my dear relationship with my family and, as I said, that hurts a lot.

Ethan: Why don't you call Tom Cruise and tell him you want to meet and lay this matter to rest?

Kyle: (Raucous laughter) How can I call Tom Cruise? I don't know the man and certainly don't have his phone number. No, no, no! My lawyer will make the denial at the appropriate time. I took my Web site down and put up a statement saying, "Regarding the news everyone has been reading...I have never been to France, I have never spoken with Acustar Magazine and have never said any of the statements allegedly said by me. The things being reported internationally are totally untrue and very hurtful to all parties." That's it, that's the truth and that's the way I want to leave it.

Ethan: Will this hurt your personal life?

Kyle: My friends will always be my friends. Some of them did not know I had been doing porn but were not surprised when they found out. I have this crazy ex-boyfriend, who loves drama, who keeps calling me every ten minutes. I've broken it off with him and don't want to hear from him. I don't like drama! I won't even respond to porn producers who are e-mailing me like crazy trying to get me to do a movie again. Some want to put me in a video next week. Other producers want to release my old videos. My response is, "No, stay away from me." I'm leaving town real quick and changing my phone number as we speak. In years to come I may be able to look back and laugh at all this but I do not want to be known as the guy who "outed" anybody!

Ethan: Can I tell everyone I got this denial straight from your mouth?

Kyle: Absolutely. I want you to write all about our conversation.
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