Methodist Minister to Lose Post After Win at Church Trial
  Nebraska’s Reverend Jimmy Creech Informed by Bishop  

Author /Clergyman Mel White Asks Justice for Hero-Hetero 

 By The 
Reverend Dr. Mel White
UFMCC Justice Minister
On May 5, 1998, another name was added to the growing list of heroic heterosexuals who have made great sacrifices on behalf of God's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered children. On that day, the Rev. Jimmy Creech met with Bishop Martinez and was informed that he will NOT be re-appointed to First United Methodist Church of Omaha, Nebraska (FUMC).

According to Chris Weedy, Jimmy’s wife and co-worker, the Bishop cited four reasons: "the continuing deterioration at FUMC, Jimmy's inability to reconcile differences with the Rogue Group, not following the bishop's guidance (in doing the covenant ceremony [for two lesbians] and in not accepting the conditions offered before the trial), and finally the ‘deterioration in the Nebraska conference.’" According to Chris, "The Bishop offered three options: that Jimmy ask for another appointment in the NE conference, that Jimmy find another appointment in another conference, that Jimmy take a leave of absence."

This sad news from Jimmy's wife is one more proof that the Fundamentalist "urge to purge" is gaining (not losing) strength in the churches of our childhood. We must do everything in our power to present the truth where untruth reigns. In the spirit of Soulforce, the spirit of Jesus, Gandhi, and King, let us bring the truth in love relentlessly to those who don't understand. The Trials of Jimmy Creech, our newest (28 minute) Soulforce Video, helps keep Jimmy’s truth alive and at the same time gives us a powerful tool to share his truth with our friends and with those who are victims of untruth.

I interviewed Jimmy Creech on the eve of his trial. Never in my life have I been more deeply moved by the subject of an interview. Jimmy’s quiet calm in the heart of the storm, his articulate, reasoned, passionate defense of full acceptance of lesbians and gays in the church, including the rites of marriage, and his courageous, sacrificial stand for truth will inspire our friends and change the minds and hearts of those who misunderstand us.


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The Methodist Federation for Social Action is raising funds to pay the costs of Jimmy’s defense. You can help by writing a tax-deductible check to MFSA designated to the "Creech Defense Fund." Send your contributions and best wishes to Jimmy care of The Methodist Federation for Social Action, 76 Clinton Ave., Staten Island, NY 10301.