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Condemn: Pat Robertson Alliance with Bank of Scotland

OutRage! Descends on Bank's London Stand at Exhibit

'Stop Multi-Billion Deal with American Homophobe!'

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bankscot1.jpg - 10.41 K Members of OutRage! protest against the Bank of Scotland at an exhibition sponsored by the Daily Mail Ideal Home London, England--April 10 Gay activists from OutRage! descended on the Bank of Scotland stand at London's Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition, challenging staff to explain the massive joint business venture with the notorious U.S. right-wing fundamentalist Pat Robertson, handing out leaflets to exhibition visitors, and displaying placards with the slogans:

  • Bank of Scotland in Bed with American Fascist
  • Stop Bank funding anti-women evangelist
  • No credit to bank that joins racist Robertson
  • Stop multi-billion deal with American homophobe

    Under the deal, announced by the Bank of Scotland on 2nd March, a new direct banking subsidiary of the Bank of Scotland will be set up in the United States, 65% owned by the Bank of Scotland, and 25% owned by Robertson.

    Robertson, founder of an organization which calls itself the Christian Coalition, (which he describes as "people of faith working together to become the unified voice of families with children in middle-class America"), is on record as opposing almost every other group: women, Moslems, Hindus, gay men and lesbians. Twenty-five percent of the profits of the new subsidiary, say the activists, will go straight to the campaign coffers of his fundamentalist fanatics.

    The Bank acknowledges that "Robertson is well known for his personal views, particularly on abortion and homosexuality", but initially attempted to maintain that "these views do not reflect in any way on our continuing commitment to providing the highest levels of service to all members of the community".

    However, Bank of Scotland Treasurer Gavin Masterton conceded in the Scottish Sunday Herald, 28th March, that profits from Robertson's involvement in the venture will end up funding his ultra-right-wing campaigns.

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    Church of Scotland Condemns Robertson/Bank Deal

    The Church of Scotland has condemned the deal in very strong terms; and Action for Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS), representing nearly all Scotland's 1.5 million church members and including all main denominations, has advised all member churches to withdraw accounts.

    Edinburgh City Council has passed a censure motion; and other Scottish local authorities, including Shetland Islands and East Lothian are expected to follow.

    rbtscotland.jpg - 7.08 K Pat Robertson Despite this well-documented background, which led to £1 billion being wiped off Bank of Scotland share values last month, staff at the stand denied all details of the scandal.

    Robertson has shown in the past that he has little respect for regulations.

    "People should know what their money is funding. Robertson is a politician who actively promotes racism, sexism and homophobia in a national political campaign", said Gordon Lee, one of the protesters.

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