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Tracy Thompson, Transvestite,
Beaten to Death in Georgia

Blood & Baseball Bat Found
on Rural Road near Interstate

Stumbles into Nearby Farmhouse
and Loses Consciousness

Compiled By GayToday

Wilcox County, Georgia--Tracy Thompson, a 33-year-old transgendered woman died after being beaten to death in Wilcox County last week in the heart of rural Georgia. Authorities are investigating the beating to determine if it is a hate-motivated crime. gakilling.jpg - 7.10 K GayToday Illustration

Bleeding from her head wounds, Tracy walked the half-mile from the site of the incident to a nearby farmhouse before she lost consciousness. She died at an Albany, Georgia hospital.

"We backtracked where he had walked down the dirt road and found the crime scene," Sheriff Stacy Bloodworth said Wednesday. "In the middle of the road were blood and a partial piece of a baseball bat."

Thompson, also known as Billy Joe Turner and/or Tracy Turner, was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt dotted with pink flowers. Occupants of the farmhouse where she collapsed as well as the Sheriff's deputy who was called to her assistance, all took her at first to be a woman. It was later learned that she was transgendered.

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"Possible motives ranged from robbery to a sex-or hate-crime" said Gary Rothwell of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. "We are open to any possibility at this point"

Authorities are not clear how Thompson got to the locale where she was beaten and believe that she may have been taken there from anywhere along the I75 corridor. She was known to travel in southern Georgia but lived in Dalton in the northern part of the state.

"Trans-Action is saddened by the brutal death of Tracy Thompson in Wilcox County Georgia this week" said Kim Ribbans, Communications Director of Trans-Action, Georgia Gender Education & Advocacy.

"While it is not at all clear what the motivation for this crime was, it does highlight the high-risk position that many transgendered people are in and the importance of Senate Bill 153, the Georgia Domestic Terrorism Act, which would provide some measure of protection against those who choose their prey based on hatred for certain groups."

The transvestite organization says it has full confidence in authorities who are investigating Tracy's murder as well as what may have motivated it. have called on anyone who knew Tracy to contact them.

Trans-Action urges friends or associates of Tracy Thompson, particularly persons who might know of her recent travels, to contact the GBI or Wilcox County Sheriff's office.

The GBI office in Perry, Georgia: 912-987-4545
24 hour Tips-Line: 1-800-597-TIPS.
The Wilcox County Sheriff's office: 912-467-2322.
Courtesy of Gender Advocacy Internet News (GAIN).

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