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65 Floridians Protest 'Living Son of a Bush's' Arrival

Laura Bush is Protested in California at Weird Photo Op

Bush Oscar Award Looms: 'Best Performance in a Coup'

By Jack Nichols

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Orlando, Florida—Without Oral Majority founder Bob Kunst at their side, new members of the energetic activist group greeted Mr. George W. Bush with banners and placards Wednesday as he prepared to address an assemblage of cardiologists. The protest, covered by NBC , CBS and ABC affiliates, was also repeated throughout the day on Central Florida's all-news station, Channel 13.

“I think we had a good day for such short notice,” one protester told GayToday.

Oral Majority banners and placards included: “Lying Son of a Bush”, “Bush Stole the Election—Jail to the Thief!”, “Texas Cocaine Fratboy”, “Leave Gore's House!”, and “Gore Won It, Bush Stole It—Florida Fights Back!”. Protestors included Suni, a Tampa grandmother (a future member, she suggested, of 'Mad Grandmothers in Florida '). She specifically addressed her grandchildren, explaining reasons for the protest and describing fellow protestors:

“Some were the age of your own mommies and daddies, and some were teenagers. Some were college students and some were even old like me with wrinkled lips and a great big smile. Some people spoke different than us with accents of another language. A few had dark skin color, and one even wore a red, white, and blue jacket with stars and stripes that looked like our flag.”

The Oral Majority in Central Florida, it seemed, was comprised in great part, of a contingent of committed women.

Grandma Suni explained how she “had to get up at 4 AM to be in Tampa and pick up my two friends who rode in the car with me for about 250 miles, round trip. We got into a traffic jam and had to wait a long time before the car could move again. Whew..... I get tired all over again just telling you.”

But she felt energized by the group's successes, nevertheless. A larger turnout than expected attracted passersby who eagerly joined the protest line, bringing its number, at one point, to 65.

Mari, an Oral Majority stalwart from Florida's East Coast, described the media's “really good shots of the banner and Pat's great voice.”

“Channel 6,” she noted, “WKMG- CBS had similar coverage of the banner, Jan with Suni's sign. I believe Suni gave the sign to that poor girl who was not permitted to go to her job because of Bushit's speech at the Cuban Club…Channel 9 WFTV-ABC had coverage of some protesters at the Wonder Works building. Protesters said the building was upside down just like Bushit. Signs they had said “Thief”, “Fraud”, and (there was) one with a graphic of a trash can: “Florida Ballot Box”.

Protesters show their feelings about Mr. Bush at an appearance by the illegitimate president in Orlando Explaining to her grandchildren her reasons for protesting with The Oral Majority, Grandma Suni addressed the youths and thusly:

Bush calls everyone who is not among his own family and friends, "Fringe People".

"You might be asking how does Grandma Suni knows that Mr. Bush is a bad pretender? My answer is that I am one of the Mad Grandmothers in Florida who Mr. Bush's brother stole the votes from. Please understand this dear children---the Bush family does not care that America is the Land of The Free. Jeb Bush, the brother of the awful pretender is our Governor.

“Presidents and Governors are supposed act like leaders, like your moms and dads are the leaders of your home.. Wouldn't it be awful if your moms and dads did not act like leaders? When you asked for dinner instead of giving you some good healthy food, they said " NO, were cutting the budget", and they did that just because they wanted to give each other a little more spending money. Wouldn't it be awful if food for you was cut out of the budget, and they went on vacation to Brazil? Oh, my dear children I shudder to think of it, and I am so very grateful that your moms and dads are good leaders, not like the Bush's. They care so very much about you and ALL people.

“All Americans may not be children like, but we all do need leadership. Even Grandma Suni needs a president. Mr. Bush tries to look presidential, but he did a terrible thing. Americans have told people all over the world that democracy is the best kind of government.

"Mr. Bush's brother and their friend Katherine Harris, who acts like Cruella from '101 Dalmations' rigged the voting in Florida so that we don't have a democracy in our country anymore. The Supreme Court chose the president this time and Mr. Bush's five friends are on the court, so they picked him even though the other person got more votes.

"This really made Mickey mad and Grandma Suni too. I want this country to be as good for you when you grow up as it was for me. So I'll work as hard and as long as I can to make sure that will happen. I do this for you, my darlings, and all the other equally important children in America

(((hugs))) to you all,

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Grandma Suni:)
California: Oral Majority Boos America's 'Queen Bush' Is Awarding Bush: 'Best Performance in a Coup d'etat'

Plans for the Oscars to be held on Sunday in Los Angeles, have long been a public presentation to George W. Bush of an Oscar for 'Best Performance in a Coup d'etat.” by Bob Kunst of the Oral Majority. Overhead, the Oral Majority's trademark, a banner plane, will circle the skies around the Shrine for an hour starting at 12:30 p.m. Its banner will proclaim: “Bush Stole the Election.”

At nearly the same time that Oral Majority members had been speaking out against Bush in Orlando, Grandma Suni explained to her grandchildren that others elsewhere were preparing to do the same.
kunst.jpg - 16.58 K Activist Bob Kunst and Oral Majority are planning a major protest against Mr. Bush at the Academy Awards on Sunday

She wrote:

“As Mr. Bush continues to pretend to be president, another group of Mickey's friends in California are planning on giving him an Oscar for being the worst pretender in America. The reason they know he's the worst is because they watch all of his terrible acting. They watch very closely how he says he'll do good things for all Americans, and then he does the opposite, just to benefit his personal friends and relatives. Now that's not fair is it?

Florida's Bob Kunst, Oral Majority's veteran gay activist, was stationing himself in Los Angeles, awaiting that stellar moment when he'd present Mr. Bush with an Oscar for “Best Performance in a Coup d'etat.”

While he was waiting on Thursday for Sunday to arrive, he managed to be seen by Mrs. Bush prior to her delivery of her speech at a carefully-chosen locale; to a group of approximately 80 persons.

“It was a very tiring day, but most successful.,” he told GayToday and he explained how the number of impromptu 'Queen Laura' protesters had risen within less than an hour to twenty.

“Yes,” he replied to a question, “she did see our protest, escaping one of the most staged events ever, as she was wisked out of Occidental College in a white SUV, and an LAPD car rushing behind her. But she did pass our protest against her co-illegitimacy.”

'Bush Gets Oscar for Best Performance In A Coup D'etat' said one of Kunst's placards, advertising what would be his more formally-staged protest planned for Sunday.

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