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Wednesday, 11 March 1998


Hillary Replies to Kunst & Kunst Blasts David Brock & Jamaican Clerics
Says: "To Be This Stupid? This Sinister? Is it Satan?"

By Jack Nichols


In a deliberate ploy to garner publicity for questionable sex taboos, Jamaica Council of Churches leader, Stanley Clarke has announced that the popular 1970s pop group, The Village People, should not be permitted to set foot on Jamaican soil because they are popular among gays.

"To promote a music festival of that nature," said Clarke, "which is going to highlight a behavior repugnant to the majority of people in this country is disrespectful."

Bob Kunst, long-time director of The Oral Majority, reacted acidly to Clarke's proclamation. Calling the Council's members "hypocrites" and "phonies" Kunst erupted, "Such blasphemy to attack gays who love and are created in G-d's image."

"Next thing," he said, "the Council will be banning Carnival and all aspects of freedom to associate and be oneself, if it's not Clarke's way."

Kunst and others throughout the South are presently organizing a boycott against the Cayman Islands for its Tourist office's banishing from port of a 900-passenger gay cruise ship.

More recently, in the wake of a February 10 referendum in Maine that removed civil rights protections for gays and following the anti-gay bias that, because of religious bigotry, has flared in other parts of the Caribbean, Kunst has added Maine, Montserrat and Anguilla to his group's boycott list.

As news of the Village People's "religious" music critics surfaced, Kunst was responding to gay reporters about the David Brock confession, in which the conservative and gay Brock admitted incompetence when writing his American Spectator article that spawned the Paula Jones phenomenon and a sexual harassment suit against President Clinton. Such speculation, in turn, seems to have provided Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr carte blanche for his investigation of the President's private sex life.

Brock now believes that the two Arkansas troopers he'd interviewed and who had allegedly pimped for then-governor Clinton, were not to be trusted. Their motives, he suspects, may have been financial. Brock has also admitted to being used by right-wing partisan Clinton-bashers.

Brock issued an apology to the President for having started the current anti-sexual hysteria engulfing the presidency. Clinton aides have indicated that the President accepts Brock's apology.

When author Brock's story seized national attention yesterday, Bob Kunst had just received Hillary Rodham Clinton's personally-signed reply written on White House stationery and addressed to the energetic gay activist. Kunst had congratulated the First Lady. "Bravo," he'd written, "on your going after the 'right-wing conspiracy'.

Mrs. Clinton replied: "It is a pleasure to hear from individuals who share a vision of a better life for all Americans. It is particularly rewarding to hear from people who realize that achieving that vision will not always be easy."

"Now," Kunst told GayToday, "Brock's unexpected confession helps us prove that Hillary's right on!"

But the Oral Majority's director had no kind words for conservative Brock. "Does Brock know," he asks, "that he's been in bed for 5 years with the right-wing 'traitors' helping them lead the charge that has led us to today's paralysis and sexual witchhunting attacking gays nationwide while Clinton's own sexuality simultaneously goes on trial?"

"When will this gay David Brock apologize to his fellow gays, for unleashing upon us this national police and sexual entrapment campaign…destroying many gays lives…Can anyone forgive gay David Brock for being such a self-serving jerk…so self-hating that he'd sell out everyone to be a public figure?"

Kunst, still smarting from the President's pragmatic gay and lesbian "sellout" to the military machine, added "While Clinton did betray gays and this nation, and deserves condemnation, those who would replace him are even worse."

"Clinton's done everything possible to cater to the wing-nuts, while they were determined to do him in all along. Maybe now, he'll wake up and push gay rights and privacy rights protections for us all," Kunst said hopefully.


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