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C-Span features Oral Majority Chair: Bush Vote Fixed!

Bob Kunst tells why its 'Bush isn't My President Day!'

Banner Plane at Daytona Speedway: Bush Stole Election!

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Miami, Florida—Veteran activist Bob Kunst, chair of the Miami-Beach-based Oral Majority, appeared on C-Span Friday as he testified here at the second round of U.S. Civil Rights Commission hearings critiquing Florida's election irregularities. The text of Kunst's extemporaneous testimony is as follows:

Open Forum

Steph Ramsay created this political cartoon in honor of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission hearings in Miami

Bob Kunst: First of all, welcome to S. Florida and uh, we're not the scapegoat for the rest of the country on what needs to be addressed today. And I'd like to paint another picture on both being a native of Miami Beach and a long time activist.

I've taken on Anita Bryant Jerry Falwell and 63 demonstrations recently, through my organization Oral Majority, and we are for you to use as reference with an evidence room that's collected a great deal of data on what's going on here.

I want to put out a perception that exists and simply, one, Gore won the state and secondly, this state was stolen by Bush and thirdly, we've become a scapegoat for the rest of the country that doesn't want to act on it. As if we're all a bunch of looney-toons, all a bunch of rip-offs. As if nobody here knows how to vote and were just an insane group of people.

Quite honestly of the 63 demonstrations, including one we've had right out in front of this building this morning, we get a completely different feedback from the grassroots community that is totally angry and not letting go of this issue.

So this puts another burden on you which is not to be a jury on civil rights, or are you going to be like the democratic senators that decided to cover it up or the media that decided to cover it up, when in essence we have a huge amount of evidence already of what's going on here and you are just looking at the tip of the iceberg.

On November 7th when we had a close election here 20 out of 67 counties did not do the mandatory required recount. That's 1,800,000 voters in Florida that have yet to be recounted. Its not happened yet. We had a Supreme Court of course that decided to play politics, and even when they said, I suppose, a statewide standard was set in Broward County, accepted by Katherine Harris, nobody wants to talk about it.

57,000 over votes - there is already rumor to the fact that these ballots have been tampered with and double punched by individuals - 80% of those would've gone to Gore. The Herald has sued Duval County in order to have access to 24,000 votes. Duval doesn't want to give up its votes because it might be subject to all kinds of tampering there.

2000 illegals have also voted in this state. I'm quoting newspaper stories here. You need to get yourself a very serious news clipping service of everything that's come out in the state. Just because the national media is covering it up doesn't mean it isn't happening in this state. Lots of people know what's going on and this is transferred around the country.

4,000 people were disqualified as felons when they were only misdemeanor people. Katherine Harris managed to spend 4 million dollars to manage that little business. The butterfly ballot was only one issue. Quite honestly, as a voter from Miami-Dade I am outraged that the people in Palm Beach were so concerned about having Thanksgiving dinner that they couldn't count their ballots to even turn into Katherine Harris. That's another 400 votes for Gore.

Here in Miami-Dade 1700 ballots were already counted that were misaligned. That means people were voting for both candidates and Gore was 316 votes ahead. To paint the picture very clearly, our Senate Democratic candidate Bill Nelson won by 28,000 votes in this state over Mr. McCollum, who was on the impeachment panel. Now if your going to tell me 537 votes separating Gore and Bush here means that all those people came out to vote for only a Senate candidate and not a Presidential candidate – if you don't smell a rat the rest of the country does.

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What we need to look at here is that 200,000 Floridians were disenfranchised and that every county is suspect and that what's happening now is we have a bunch of media in trying to investigate the whole thing, and probably within another 3 weeks we'll come out with a lot more outrageous things that have already happened. The Orlando Sentinel found another 203 votes for Gore in Orlando just a few days ago.

When you start adding it all up what we're looking at is somewhere between 22,000 and 50,000 votes for Gore not for Bush, 537 votes. Which means in a sense we have an illegal, illegitimate imposter for President who has no problem going to Mexico today to tell everyone that he's a newly elected President like Mr. Fox, and on the other hand Mr. Fox probably won legally where Bush did not in this country.

In the meantime he's bombing Iraq as a diversion to let us know that we shouldn't talk about any of the stuff that's going on here any more than we should have to keep on beating Clinton to death on every single issue to make sure that we never get back to the bottom issue that the election was stolen.

The bottom line in all this is that Florida isn't taking it anymore and that we're not taking it anymore. And we're going to protest and we're going to do it all over the country. And I can tell you right now at Sunday in Daytona Beach we'll have a banner flying over the Daytona 500 saying “Bush stole the election” with our website.

And we've already done it at the SuperBowl in Tampa. We're taking it to the Kentucky Derby, the Indianapolis 500 and every single place we can including the Academy Awards. We're not allowing this issue to die no matter what any of the politicians do, no matter what anyone else does. Were running a candidate against Jeb Bush to make sure in the Democratic primary we clean his clock and Katherine Harris and the whole gang.

What we want from this Commission is a commitment to not just be another political organization.

Mary Frances Berry: Thank you

Bob Kunst: I'd just like to end my comment, may I please? I will submit all this in writing to you. What I want to suggest to you is really very simple. The public has been had. We have 4 members of the Supreme Court; we have 13 members of Congress. Thank God for the black caucus that opened up their mouths January 6th. We have 655 law professors around the country that signed on to say the Supreme Court went off bounds to play out this coup de etat.

The bottom line is do we have anyone we can trust and believe in any longer to take our case to the rest of the community. This is a major disaster what's happened to our country and not to talk about it, to trivialize it and let it go on is unthinkable and unconscionable. We've been raped, we've been had, we're not putting up with it anymore. Thank you.

Mary Frances Barry: I understood your testimony. I want to thank the panel and I have one quick question – I'm not sure I understood something you said. It went by me. You said something about the standard set by Katherine Harris in Broward County. Do you remember saying that?

Bob Kunst : Yes.

Mary Frances Barry: What were you talking about?

kunstmmow.jpg - 17.74 K Bob Kunst, protesting against Mr. Bush at the Millennium March on Washington Bob Kunst: The Supreme Court, when it decided to not further count any of the votes, said we must have a statewide standard. So when they were ready to do their anointing of George W. Bush they said we needed a statewide standard in order to stop the count. The fact is the standard had already been set by Broward County.

It was the most liberal interpretation of all the chads, the dimples, the pimples, and everything else that was going on. Broward County decided to work on Thanksgiving. Broward County decided to turn in its numbers ahead of time at the proper time and Katherine Harris decided to accept it.

Mary Frances Barry: I just want to make sure I understand this point, cause it's an important one. You're saying that in accepting the Broward County count with the standard that they used, Katherine Harris accepted their vote, which she accepted as an appropriate standard.

Bob Kunst: Yes, yes right and it wasn't applied to another county

Mary Frances Barry: Which means that the Supreme Court, as I understand, in Bush vs. Gore says that there was a need for a statewide standard and then Katherine Harris was the person whose in charge of the elections and ostensibly makes these decisions. Your saying is she's already made the decision and all they had to do was incorporate her decision about Broward County.

Bob Kunst: That's my point and they stopped the count to give the election to Bush.

Mary Frances Barry: I've already heard that. Thank you very much.

Bob Kunst: My pleasure.
Twas the Night Before
'He's Not My President Day'
Bob Kunst's Strategy Message
to the Oral Majority

In a long, rambling Sunday afternoon message written hurriedly between activist meetings and flamboyant protests of Election 2000's theft by the Bush family forces, Bob Kunst, fresh from delivering a stellar C-Span testimony at the second U.S. Civil Rights Commission hearings on the Florida vote, addressed his own fast-growing grass roots Oral Majority membership.

As the long-lived organization's chair, his Pre-President's Day statement provides both an attitude and Oral Majority activist strategies for the group's members nationwide.

Kunst writes:

It is February 18, 2001, and Oral Majority leads by example, showing what to do about the Bush family's illegitimate seizure of the nation.

An update: Today, as I am writing, an aerial banner is flying over the Daytona 500 speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida before hundreds of thousands and perhaps as many as a million.

The banner says: “ BUSH STOLE THE ELECTION:

This is the same message we flew at the SuperBowl a couple of weeks ago in Tampa, and that we'll fly again on May 5, at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville. We will celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend at the Indy 500, this sort of on-going visibility being our constant reminder of the great dangers threatening all citizens because of this coup d'etat in these United States.

On Friday, February 16 Oral Majority testified before the US Commission on Civil Rights, meeting in Miami, with its focus on the election fraud. Our site will feature the testimony. C-Span covered it live and has repeated it, and we've received substantial, increasing support as a result.

On Thursday February 15, BBC TV featured a special by Greg Palast on the election's theft that included coverage with me screaming at Florida Governor Jeb Bush, after he'd spoken at the first hearing conducted January 11 by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in Tallahassee.

I'm shown telling Bush that 'he stole the election' and is 'an embarrassment to our state and nation' and that 'he should resign' while to me he says: "I love you man'.

On Saturday, February 10 when Bill Clinton came for a speech at the Aventura Jewish Community Center. Oral Majority marshaled 20 protesters all avowing that Bush has stolen the election. Channel 6, 39 and A.P. all gave us coverage, plus there was a lot of support from the grassroots driving by.

When Clinton spoke at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in Boca Raton on Monday, February 5, we only had 5 protesters versus 15 of the Right Wingers obsessed with Clinton 's supposedly stealing White House silverware', while we spoke of Bush 'stealing the election and the nation'.

Meanwhile, we got terrific coverage on three local TV stations and in the Palm Beach Post, Boca Raton News and CBS Radio and also an interview with CNN.

Then on February 7, Steve Goldstein's Op-ed titled "Silence is Complicity" explaining the Oral Majority in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel opened the floodgates with hundreds calling us because of their outrage about what has happened to our country.

See our Website and send out to others the passionate responses that have already been circulating on the internet with. We've hit a big nerve and also a home run. The article focused on our 63 protests since November 7, election debacle, and our 'Freedom Ride' to D.C.'s Bush Coronation, one among our many efforts to keep the Election Theft issue alive.

Results were: our first meetings ever in Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale to form chapters and also upcoming meetings in Boca Raton and Miami-Dade to do the same.

Meanwhile we have folks in Boston, Philadelphia, Louisville, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tampa, Hot Springs, Ark, and Nashville in the process or showing interest in forming Oral Majority chapters.

Tomorrow—Monday February 19, is "Bush Is Not Our President Day” and the Oral Majority is protesting at Broward Boulevard and Andrews at 5 P.M. in Fort Lauderdale and also at Military Trail and Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach.

On Friday, February 23, we'll be in Trinidad for Carnival, making the international community aware of this election theft and the great that they too will have to face if Bush is willing to do this to all of America.

On Saturday/Sunday--February 24 and February 25--Oral Majority will have a booth at the Gay and Lesbian Pride event at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center.

On Oscar award day, March 25, 2001, Oral Majority will conduct a huge protest at Noon at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles and invite stars going to the Oscars to join with us protesting Bush's stealing of the election.

On March 30- early Apri1, Oral Majority will return to Daytona Beach to reach the black students who show up there in great numbers for Spring Break.

On April 4, we'll be protesting with others at CNN Center in Atlanta.

On May 19, we'll be speaking at Voter March in D.C.

This is only the tip of our planned activism.

bushit.jpg - 9.93 K We are determined to mobilize the nation to address this crisis and to ignore the naysayers and doubters and saboteurs all of whom want us to go away when in effect we are dressing up the nation with our classy "No More Bushit" campaign of buttons, stickers and tee-shirts.

We also have:

"Re-elect Gore in 2004", "Stop Thief, Stop Bush", "Bush Mir In Tuchas", "Buck Fush", "Fraud W. Bush", and "Impeach the GOP" buttons with the latter slogan available in stickers as well.

We've already put out 14,000 plus "No More Bushit" stickers alone which has helped us to do all of the above and more. It is the one statement to which the GOPerverts don't know how to respond. Saying “No More Bushit” also provides a unique grass roots empowerment as we tell the world that we're aware of the Election's theft and that "No More Bushit" says it all.

Buttons and stickers are $2 each to:

Oral Majority, P.O.Box 402263,
Miami Beach, Fla. 33140,

Tee-shirts are $20 each. Membership in Oral Majority is $35 a year and one will soon be able to order online following our planned acceptance of credit cards.

While the rest of the nation has been making excuses, we've tried to illustrate that one person at the right moment does make the difference.

If we buy into the 'give it up crowd', we do ourselves immense damage. If we demand accountability and responsibility in this election fraud, we are not only being patriotic, but providing the resistance critical to making Bush hesitant in the pursuit of his fascist agenda.

Therefore when U.S. Senators—Democrats-- capitulated to the Bush menace, remaining shamefully silent in the face of such infamy as they allowed on January 6, 2001, it was a devastating blow to our democracy: their refusal to allow a two-hour debate on Florida's rigged election and the U.S. Supreme Court's traitorous support of that rigging.

We will never forgive nor forget the damage they've done because of their cowardice, remaining mournfully mum. Do they think we will allow them To simply 'share power' in this vile scam? Will we forgive them for opening doors for Bush to everything he has done since?

Meanwhile from the GOP's non-stop Clinton Bashing to the bombing of Iraq, These events have all been a 'waggings of the dog', to divert attention from the central issue, which is the Grand Theft of Election 2000 and that “Bush is 'illegitimabble' ” --one of our banners on the Freedom Ride to Tallahassee and at Jeb Bush's governor's mansion, the Florida Supreme Court, the State Legislature, the 11th District Court of Appeals in Atlanta as well as at Jerry Falwell's headquarters in Lynchburg, and, of course, when we were confronting the' masses of asses' at the Coronation in D.C. with Bush/Cheney catching sight of the Oral Majority first, since we were positioned at 3rd and Pennsylvania./Constitution.

Bush is an imposter and a thief and while some argue we shouldn't get him to resign, cause there's Cheney, our issue is to treat the bum as the thief that he is.

Every time he shows up anywhere, burdening us with his annoying presence, we must make sure that he's confronted as having 'Stolen The Election' as well as our democracy and everything that Americans have given life and limb to preserve.

These have all been betrayed by Bush and his gang, and that is why the economy is now in such a nose dive. Americans fear and feel something's smelling rotten about this electoral takeover and are avoiding any heavy spending because of nervous doubts that the takeover has generated.

So, if we take this strategy to its fullest, what Oral Majority is advocating is “once a week protests” in every community, with A specific focus on this election-theft horror.

This becomes the meeting spot for those who care.

This is an opportunity to speak out and network with those of like mind, with the media that hasn't sold out, while letting the rest of the community and world know:

We will never be silent about this matter.

With both U.S. Supreme Court Injustices Rehnquist and Scalia already being demonstrated against and exposed for their blatant betrayals of us all --see: www.the-rule-of-law --America is finally catching on.

We need to include each and every member of the Bush cabinet when we make such Statements critical of the election, as well as the other phony Supremes and all U.S. Senate Democrats who stuck it to us all.

In New York City, Oral Majority hope its weekly efforts will go into protesting in the Times Square area, in front of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, New York Times, media who have chosen to collaborate in the cover up of the theft. We hope to embarrass them peacefully, weekly, to be interviewed by the world press and by tourists to boot.

In Washington D.C. we have discussed promoting weekly protests in front of the White House, so that tourists there know that “Bush is a Thief” while we sing “Jail to the Thief.”

The march should progress to the Justice Department where the demand should be made that newly sworn-in U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft conduct a federal investigation of the election's fraud. From there we march to the Supreme Court and demand its resignation.

We need to make our message-presence known at all the international Summits of the G-7 world leaders and at the United Nations.

We need rallies across America on Independence Day, the 4th of July, and to plan immediately, with this message.

We need aerial banners at all the college and professional football games between August and December.

We must sponsor boycotts of all major donors to Bush such as Oral Majority did when it launched boycotts of McDonald's for opening a burger stand outside of the Dachau Death Camp near Munich, Germany.

We will run a candidate to unseat Florida's current Governor Jeb Bush.

We must break the back of financial and corporate control in this forthcoming election to take back both our government and our Democratic Party by running in the Democratic Primary, and we will be a national model for the breaking of this tyrannical yoke.

We will start this effort immediately, though the election is still two years distant. Our candidate's theme?: "I wouldn't steal your vote", and this should be the theme in all the elections.

Yes, Democrats can win back Congress in 2002, but not with those do-nothings misrepresenting us now. Only the Black Caucus and Florida's Democratic Congressman Peter Deutsch, stood with America on January 6.

We need to find loyal Democrats who feel the pain of what has happened, and want to do something about it, or else we'll face the same sellout and the blind attitude that has brought this disaster about.

With the world focused on this Florida election to undo Jeb Bush, George W. will get the brunt of it as well and a constant reminder, again and again that 'crime doesn't pay'.

We need to be pro-active in legal ways to challenge the Election 2000 fraud; to impeach the Supremes; to put on trial and into jail the Superintendents of Elections in Florida, who ignored the mandatory machine recount required on November 8 and where 20 out of 67 counties in Florida never did a recount leading to some 1,800,000 Floridians whose votes are yet to be recounted.

We need to establish that while Democratic Senator-elect Bill Nelson, got 280,000 more votes than "Impeach Clinton" advocate Bill McCullum, a House Judiciary member, and that for Bush to 'win' with 537 votes out of 6 millions, means a rigged election.

This rigged election included: 2000 'illegals' voting; 4000 accused of being felons and disallowed as voters; over 57,000 overvotes suspected of being double-punched on purpose..

There is the scandal of nearly 200,000 Floridians being disenfranchised and Duval County (Jacksonville) being sued for refusing to give up its ballots for a recount they are resisting.
Activist Bob Kunst asks how could Democrat Bill Nelson win a U.S. Senate seat by more than 280,000 votes and Mr. Bush win Florida by 537?

The point of all of this is that we helped win Florida for Gore and that he won the election here in Florida as well as having certifiably won the national vote.

Instead we've had a political coup and a coverup and a 'blame' game to scapegoat Florida, intimating that we're all a bunch of yokels and buffoons. As a Floridian, I much prefer that such distinctions be given to the Bush family.

So when Theresa LaPore of Palm Beach County "Butterfly ballot" fame, says she showed the infamous ballot to the Democratic Party folks who'd 'approved' the ballot, but they claim they didn't see it and over 3600 elderly Jews voted for avowed Nazi lover Pat Buchanan, who quickly admitted they weren't his votes, the picture becomes clear to anyone willing to look.

Will Palm Beach's weekly protests focus on Thera LaPore's headquarters, demanding her resignation?

Yes and we are writing a book, possibly 3.

Yes, we are making a video of our experiences.

Yes, we have a speaker's bureau to bring us to you to implement the above efforts and more.

Yes, this is our Emancipation Declaration to use every moment possible to remind the nation and the world that "Never Again" means just that and that if we dare to ignore what has happened, we'll be paying for it in so many terrible ways.

In a society, whose corporate-controlled media encourages everyone to dispose of his or her memory bank and to leap along thoughtlessly from one issue to another—a media-method being used to divert the public's attention away from the blatant election-theft crisis, we will find people around us who are made nervous by our outright stance. There are those all around us, it is clear, trying to down-play high society's daily diet of collaboration with the illegitimate regime.

We need to remember that in Nazi Germany, 95% of the public supported Hitler, giving him the power to do his dirty work.

In fact, today, the Nazi Party in Germany is called the Republican Party.

But we also know there are plenty of Republicans who smell a rat, and they don't like what is happening either. This is why we are organizing all Americans who feel as we do, no matter their party affiliation. We must do whatever it takes legally to take back our beloved country and our Democratic Party from the scoundrels who are behind this disgraceful, shameful and very dangerous show of political thievery.

You can 'give up' as the apathetic are wont to do or stand up and be counted with us.

We've tried to illustrate what a determined group can accomplish and each time when we hear naysayers claim 'It's Over' our response must be: "No More Bushit! It's Only the Beginning!"

To say anything less would be to cowardly capitulate to this Bushian menace.

To resist will help both our nation and the Democratic Party.

Otherwise, who will ever want to vote again, knowing that votes in Election 2000 weren't counted and that voting doesn't matter anyway?

Who will ever trust this nation running to the four corners of the world preaching democracy and its all-important vote count, although we won't allow here?

The bottom line is to empower yourselves in the knowledge that there is both a reason and need to protest. This realization can be both fun and therapeutic.

All legitimate issues here are just the beginning of a new awareness dawning.

We can't tell you how many wonderful folks are sending us so many messages as well as their monies expressing an outrage that needs to be expressed.

What would you do?

Let us show how best to network with all other American Patriots willing to resist tyranny.

Make sure to get our "No More Bushit" Survival Kit, and this survival manual. Pass both along to all of your networks as fast as you are able. Help us raise the resources it will take to pursue the Oral Majority agenda full time and throughout our nation and the planet.

Yours Faithfully,
Bob Kunst

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