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Author Robert Drake Victim of 2 Gay Bashers

Unconscious-- He Remains in Critical Condition

American Viciously Beaten in Western Ireland

Compiled By GayToday

scottrobt.jpg - 11.61 K Author Robert Drake (r), with partner Scott Pretorius Sligo, Western Ireland -- American writer Robert Drake, author of The Gay Canon and editor of the award-winning Hers and His anthologies of gay and lesbian fiction, remains in critical condition today in a Western Ireland hospital, two weeks after being viciously beaten in his Sligo home on January 31,1999.

According to Scott Pretorius, Drake's longtime partner, Drake had spent the evening out at a local Irish pub, the Silver Swan, where he was seen leaving with two men. Drake's home showed no signs of forced entry. The front door was left unlocked and nothing was stolen from the house, indicating that this was a premeditated hate crime.

Last week, when it appeared that Drake would survive the beating, two individuals turned themselves in to the Sligo police. The assailants pled guilty, and expressed remorse at their actions.

Irish newspapers are reporting that the two were "victims" of a "homosexual pass." The names of the assailants have not been released to the press. As Pretorius said, "Now the real question is whether or not they'll be charged with murder, which is up to Robert...if he can survive."

Arrangements with Aer Lingus to medevac Drake back to his Philadelphia home were placed on hold indefinitely when his conditioned worsened this weekend and he was put back on a ventilator.

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gaycanon.gif - 12.39 K Drake's injuries include severe head trauma, a subdural hematoma, bleeding into the brain, and swelling of thebrain tissues. He remains unconscious and essentially unresponsive. He is currently experiencing kidney failure and may have pneumonia.

A former Los Angeles literary agent, Robert Drake served as the book review editor for the Baltimore Alternative from 1991-1998. He stepped down from this post when he relocated to Ireland in this past summer, to pursue his own literary dreams.

How You Can Help

Robert's elderly parents are too frail to travel to Ireland. Donations to offset the cost of Robert's return to the United States are being accepted. A private airplane may be needed to transport him, due to his condition.

Please make checks payable to The Robert Drake Fund, c/o The Baltimore Alternative, P.O. Box 2351, Baltimore, MD 21203.

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