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Bob Kunst says Alan Greenspan is Hot for George W

'Democrats to Get an Oscar for Spineless Behavior'

U.S. Protests Grow Against Illegitimate Presidency

By Bob Kunst
Chair, The Oral Majority

A key AP story from Davos, Switzerland is worth noting. It appeared in the January 28, 2001, Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel and tells of an annual gathering of world leaders. They were met by hordes of anti-globalization protesters. It was there that Bill Gates announced a $100 million donation toward the development of HIV vaccines. gwbushgreenspan.jpg - 10.13 K President Bush and admirer Alan Greenspan

Missing in action, however, was George W. Bush.

Nor did His Fraudulence send anyone to represent the United States at this gathering of world leaders.

This is a peculiar fact, given that every other nation has been made nervous about a downturn of the U.S. economy, anticipating its global impact.

W knows that many Europeans distrust him. They call him, because of his Texas death penalty record, The Executioner. Apparently stealing the election has W 'locked' in his own White House prison, and in the same breath he's making a non-point, confirming aroused suspicions that he'd actually act on his 'world affairs theory' when, during the 2000 campaign, he promoted his 'isolationist' stance.

Missing such a major event? W needs scrutinizing.

He's been engaged during his first two weeks in office violating the separation of church and state, promoting 'faith' week, and setting up CIA religious czars DiFulio and Goldsmith. He's overturned Clinton's orders providing medications and is using Pete Wilson's GOP-caused blackouts in California as an excuse to rape the environment.

Instead, the GOP rear-focus is on Clinton's reportedly stealing from Air Force One and from Bush's new headquarters. But not one Democratic Senator has had spine enough to address Bush's oily theft of the presidential election.

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Meantime, Alan Greenspan, in bed with Bush, has been unsuccessful at inspiring public confidence with his latest rate reductions and not one mainstream media pundit is tapping into the public's real worry, one that can't be explained by higher fuel prices.

The "F" word is not being addressed. It is a widespread fear, an awareness that anyone who'd steal the election is also capable of committing any horror. Perhaps this is why the public is holding back on its investments and expenditures.

The ramifications are overwhelming, locally and globally.

Meanwhile, 42 Democratic Senators are trying to make 'hay' by opposing Ashcroft who was a shoo-in from the beginning. These Senators had enough votes to filibuster but they chose instead to cave in.

Fifty Democratic Senators preferred a shameful silence to speaking out about the election's theft. Far superior to them as patriots were the thirteen members of Congress who actually did speak out during the counting of the electoral ballots.

Even so, it should surprise no one that these Senator-elitists have elevated Ashcroft, one of their own, a former member of their corporate-friendly club.

These senators, obviously, are more concerned with personal power-shares than with the welfare of ordinary Americans. That's because they're front-persons for the Corporatocracy.

Now that it is up to Attorney General Ashcroft to investigate Florida's electoral fraud, immediate demands will be made that he do so. Let him prove to America, as he said in his statement today, that he will not allow his politics to interfere with his approach to legitimate citizen grievances. Florida's voter-fraud grievances are manifold, awaiting an Attorney General's immediate, honest attention. kunst.jpg - 16.58 K Activist Bob Kunst

Under the deceptive calm which now reigns in sunny Florida and elsewhere, unease is growing.

This unease was manifested at the Super Bowl on Sunday where over half of the crowds supported Oral Majority's "Bush Stole the Election" street protest and thrilled to that same slogan flying on a banner plane, prior to the game and just before half-time.

Oral Majority is fast networking with other protest groups. We plan to become America's permanent reminders of the illegitimacy of the Bush administration. We will never grant Bush anything but the fact of his own illegitimacy. We will continue our struggle until he is forced to resign or is impeached for committing voter fraud.

On February 10, 2001, Oral Majority will protest at the Aventura Jewish Community Center, 20400 N.E. 30th Avenue in Aventura. There, former President Bill Clinton will be speaking. Oral Majority will arrive at 6 p.m. to remind the nation that "Bush Stole the Election" and there is "A Democratic Cover-up"

On February 16, 2001, Oral Majority, accompanied by South Florida busloads, will lead a second protest at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The commission is meeting in Miami to further investigate Florida's election fraud. The first such protest took place in Tallahassee when Governor Jeb Bush was confronted for stealing our votes.

February 19, President's Day, has now been designated as a national day of mourning to mark George W. Bush's theft of the election. Plans for this day will be announced on

On March 25, 2001, Oral Majority goes to the Oscars in Hollywood with a NOON protest message at the Shrine Theatre. The message will be "Bush Stole the Election."

We must never allow this outrage to be ignored. We must never give in.

The aforementioned protests signal only a beginning. Whenever and wherever George W. Bush emerges from hiding, committed patriots will be there to confront him.

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