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Savage Attack on Moroccan Teen Mistaken for Lesbian

3 Classmates Charged with Her Brutal Beating in Boston

Victim Had Been Seen Holding Hands with Other Girls

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boston.jpg - 9.06 K Boston, Massachusetts—Six Boston High School students boarded an MBTA train last week and savagely attacked a 16-year old Moroccan classmate whom they mistakenly believed to be a lesbian. Three of the bullies, all girls, have been identified and charged with the crime. Two, aged 15, will be tried in juvenile court. The third, aged 17, will be tried as an adult.

All three will face four felony counts of indecent assault on a child, assault with a dangerous weapon, attempted rape, and civil rights violations by force.

The victim, who had a knife held to her throat and who was threatened with rape by an accompanying male, was repeatedly beaten by all six assailants until she fell unconscious.

A bystander on the train attempted her rescue, but was also threatened at knifepoint by the would-be rapist. Authorities, with the help of school administrators, are presently searching for the unknown male accomplice as well as the two others involved.

The girls, said police, surrounded their victim, tore at her clothes and motioned to their own genitals, shouting, "You want this? You like this?" Their unfounded belief that she was a lesbian was based on the fact that she had been seen holding hands with female classmates, a commonplace custom among schoolgirls in Morocco.

The attack has been condemned by Boston officialdom who are calling it "an unprecedented anti-gay, anti-ethnic hate crime." There is also a reported concern about the rise in brutal behaviors among teen aged school girls.

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Boston's Mayor Thomas M. Menino deplored the attack. School Superintendent Thomas W. Payzant called it "horrific." Crime statistics gathered from FBI reports show that arrests for violence committed by female juveniles has doubled since the 1980s. Arrests rates for youthful males, though higher, have remained unchanged.

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