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Bill Bradley's Flip-Flop on Gay Rights Raises Eyebrows

Presidential Hopeful Had Twice Said 'No Go' to Equality

N.H. State Senator Rick Trombly Requests Clear Answers

Compiled By GayToday

Concord, New Hampshire--Openly Gay New Hampshire State Senator Rick Trombly (D-Boscawen) yesterday called on Senator Bill Bradley to answer the question that he has been asking Al Gore in the closing days of the New Hampshire Primary, namely, "How do you expect the voters to trust you as president when you distort your record as a candidate?" rtrombley.jpg - 8.12 K New Hampshire State Sen. Rick Trombly

"If Bill Bradley applies this standard to Al Gore on the abortion issue then Bill Bradley must meet this standard himself on other issues," said Trombly. "

Bradley, in 1978 and in 1984, stated publicly that he did not support Gay Rights. Bradley is quoted in the August 27, 1978 edition of the Trenton Times as saying, 'I do not support Gay Rights.' Further in the October 31, 1984 edition of the New York Times Bradley is quoted as saying on homosexual rights, 'I've got to be convinced that's the way we should go...but no one has come to me and convinced me yet."

It was reported that this position was the key reason the New Jersey chapter of NOW did not endorse him.

"Bill Bradley has made overtures to the Lesbian & Gay community by stating he supports amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include Lesbians & Gays," said Trombly.

"Bill Bradley could have done that in 1991 when serving in the U.S. Senate. Bradley refused to cosponsor legislation that would have done exactly that. If Bill Bradley had shown leadership at that time this might not be an issue today.

"Having examined Senator Bradley's stances on Lesbian & Gay issues, these inconsistencies are glaringly evident," said Trombly. "I had not spoken out before because I believe that in public service, elected officials should investigate all the facts surrounding an issue.

"If having done that, an elected official changes his or her mind in favor of expanding individual liberties and privacy rights, this is a good thing and should be encouraged."

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Trombly concluded, "Because Bill Bradley has accused Al Gore of doing something which Al Gore has not, but Bill Bradley has, namely, shifted his position on a basic moral fundamental right.

"I feel I must speak out against Senator Bradley's personal, negative and now hypocritical attacks on Al Gore. As the campaign continues I hope Senator Bradley will scrap his divisive and ill-advised strategy of attacking Al Gore and stick to debating the issues."

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