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Jamaica: Homophobic Atmosphere Grows Fierce

Activists Ask Outsiders for Support: Faxes & E-Mails

International Travel Association Denounces Anti-Gay Uproar

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

jamaicagay.gif - 4.22 K The new Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays (J- FLAG) is "facing ferocious opposition from all quarters in this deeply Christian-religious country," says spokesman Thomas Glave.

"Several homophobic remarks have appeared about us in the local Jamaican press, and have been aired over the radio -- although we have also witnessed some local positive attitudes and occasional support," Glave said December 29.

J-FLAG is asking foreign activists to fax and e-mail letters supporting the group to the country's three main newspapers. Glave requests that his name not be used in the letters.

The papers are:

The Gleaner
Fax: 011-876-922-6223,

The Sunday Herald
Fax: 011-876-937-7314
E-Mail: and

The Daily Observer
Fax: 011-876-931-5190

Send a copy to: and
The group's homepage is at:

According to the Web page:

"'All-Sexual' is a term used in the Caribbean Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals & Gays (C-FLAG) network to indicate that it considers all-sexual behaviour to be part of a sexual continuum in which classifications such as 'gay', 'lesbian' and 'bisexual' often cannot be rigidly applied."

Meanwhile, on December 30, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association denounced what it called Jamaica's escalating anti- gay atmosphere.

"The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association strongly condemns Jamaican authorities for failing to ensure the safety, welfare and comfort of gays and lesbians living on and visiting the island nation," said Executive Director Agustin Merlo.

"The nation appears to be a leader in the region's emerging homophobia that has already shown its ugly face in the Cayman Islands and Costa Rica. That is a tragedy.

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igltalogo.gif - 3.33 K "If Jamaica is unwilling or unprepared to welcome gay and lesbian tourists to their shores, then IGLTA is prepared to warn all of our member companies and associations that our tourist dollars are no longer welcome in that country," Merlo said.

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