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Badpuppy's Photo Audience Expanding
by 3 Million

Provides FUN ONLINE's 'AllWomen'
Its Male Images

CompuServe Division to Post
'G' and 'X-Rated' Pictures

Compiled By GayToday

corporatelogo.jpg - 10.17 K In a stellar agreement signed December 9, Fun Online, a division of CompuServe, has arranged with Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc., publisher of GayToday, to draw on Badpuppy's vast reserves of nearly a million photographs of males—both G-rated and X-rated—making them readily available to an anticipated audience of approximately 3 million CompuServe users. The December 9 agreement stipulates that each individual photo will bear Badpuppy's Web site address:

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Photo: Latent Images
CompuServe/ Fun Line's new area, AllWomen, soon to open, will post Badpuppy's seemingly unlimited supply of photographs of men. Thus, the expansive reach of Badpuppy's virtual playgrounds into the world's gay communities will expand beyond "gay-only" perimeters, reaching heterosexually-inclined women and "bi-curious" men around the globe.

Badpuppy founder and CEO, William G. Pinyon, told GayToday: "This agreement benefits both parties in that CompuServe obtains content for its customers and Badpuppy receives exposure to an anticipated new audience of over 3,000,000 people."

In the early 1990s, while working for NASA, Pinyon envisioned a gay web site that would provide more than a home page with images of go-go boys. Brainstorming with two other NASA employees who shared his vision, he began the creation of a multi-media extravaganza, a Web site that could provide endless streams of erotica for gay males but, in addition, one that would present elements to make Badpuppy a place of interest for everyone. In the mid-1990s, Pinyon's vision became a reality, and the Badpuppy site quickly became a household word in gay cyberspace. puppies1.jpg - 29.86 K Badpuppy Original Model Jerry
Photo: Top Man

As a result of Badpuppy's phenomenal success, Pinyon and his cohorts resigned their positions at NASA. Badpuppy currently employs over thirty full-time men and women, gay, bisexual, and heterosexual. Armed with an effective customer-friendly service philosophy, Pinyon's dream of a thriving virtual reality playground has summersaulted the popular Web site onto the front lines of the Internet's most visited locales.

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Photo: Ron Serfass
Badpuppy's agreement with CompuServe is yet another step in Badpuppy's saga of good fortune in entrepreneurial management.

"It's a far-out, Oz-like fairyland where magic wands pop up and semen melts like lemon drops," according to the Homosexual Anarchist's column in SCREW magazine.

The Badpuppy logo, showing the sweet nose of a puppy inserted into the rear end of another obviously appreciative one, may, some think, be partly responsible—along with its provocative name-- for Badpuppy's growth. Interested content providers may contact Badpuppy's Lisa Turner:
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