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U.S. Pornography
Reaps $10 Billion a Year

Hardcore Videos Become
$2 Billion Business

Among Nation's
Fastest Growing Industries

By Jack Nichols

"The Soviet Union leads the world in rocket-making but the United States leads the world in sausage-making," said a former Soviet premier, biting into his first American hot dog following the Kremlin's surprise launch of Sputnik.

Would sly-guy Nikita, if alive today, again boisterously bang his shoe in the United Nations General Assembly shouting: "The Soviet Union may lead the world in Vodka-making but the United States leads the world in pornography-making!"? And wouldn't he be telling a garl darn'd Communist-atheist's truth? chadknight.jpg - 32.68 K Chad Knight

Across wide California expanses where the Valley girls reside— in The San Fernando Valley—there are hordes of hornied-out actors and actresses who—by their sheer genius when doing well with tunnel shots-- turned the hardcore video business from a $10 million a year producer in '73 to a $2 billion annual puter-outer today.

In Florida, a former pornography addict (who'd spent $300 a month on mags and videos) turned against his erstwhile pass-time after finding The Lord and he led a brisk crusade against the evils of too much of a good thing on behalf the very anti-gay American Family Association.

His crusade against erotica has been only one of the more simple-minded censorious outbreaks that intermittently plague regions in the Republic. Yup, censorship has been an occupation of dullards ever since a Founding Father of the U.S., Thomas Paine, got his bones stolen by Christians who were in a snit about his book, The Age of Reason.

If America has generated annual porn profits of $10 billion, a mere $300 dollars-a-month porn habit tells almost eerily somehow that Onanism, possibly a great wave of the future, has already begun to swell into an impressive ever-present number of Onanists who, in spite of what happened to the original Onan just aren't getting struck dead by divine fiat anymore.

The higher the annual sales figures for La Porno Americano, the less convincing, in fact, becomes the Book of Genesis' angry God's response to Onan for having done nothing more than "naughtily" spilled—without aiming--his reproductive seeds on the ground.

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Tiffany Minx
In the United States of Pornography film-land's geography is no longer like the old Hollywood was--minus hardcore, of course. Once there was Marilyn Monroe. Only to see her walk, or to smile was to know that life/ sex is fun. A valuable quality, the fun. A quality that the porn world can help, at its best, to advance.

The profits now made by pornographers proves there's a massive demand for their products. Sex, after all, is thought to be good clean fun. Or must it always be Something You do in the Dark, as a very serious novel title once put it?

No, the porn industry is fast hiring personnel who help remove old images of brown paper bags or those plain brown envelopes, once seeming trademarks. Expensive sound stages now grace the floor of the San Fernando Valley and orgasmic floods of fornication and fellatio are sweeping the world wherever VCRs can be commandeered. Uh Uh Uh

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Shyla Foxxx

Why is this happening? There are many stories in the Naked City. All of them help explain why women such as Tiffany Minx and Shyla Foxxx are cleaning up and, apparently, having a good time all the way to their orgasms.

The figures are now showing that we citizens of the Land of the Free are spending more on lap dances in strip clubs, hot porn mags and phone sex than on live entertainment or theatre-screen productions. Erotic videos now account for 25% of all store-rented videos.

Does this represent a growth of isolationism—the solitary vice, it was once called—or does it signal an outpouring, a long pent-up curiosity, a need to learn at the erotic movies, at least, by watching? Human see, maybe, and human do?

Which fundamentalist crusader is prepared to battle AT&T, with its telephone sex lines? What's Pat Robertson's CBN take on Time Warner's hardcore-sex cable network offerings? Motel chains,and hotel chains too, it appears, are among the principal beneficiaries of pay-per-view fuckfilms carried straight to a citizen's room courtesy, apparently, of Sheraton.

With this fact in mind, it behooves Americans of every sort to reflect on the prevalence of sexual hypocrisy that's rampant in U.S. culture. Conventional sexual mores, it appears, are not in touch with present-day realities and accompanying fantasies. Maybe that's why porn is so popular.

If Porn is here to stay, lets turn it into something fun, eh? Turn the lights on, please. If you're watching ten people do it on the screen, after all, why hide your own pride and joy from public view? Shouldn't that be the next step? What's good for the goose, remember?

And why, pray, aren't there any of those new Onanist bars advertising? You know, circles of good ol' boys taking in the sights and yanking at their tightening crotches with an impelling earnestness. Why just in private hotel rooms? Hiding. Why not in the main lobbies?

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Time to let people see themselves, feel themselves--- and each other in the flesh. Please take a condom from that dish on the counter and step this way.

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